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    Daddy & little LF a little/middle/pet

    Poly Europe UK

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    Posted 13 May 2019 - 04:28 AM

    Age: 23
    Name: jean for now
    Role: caregiver/daddy
    Location: Uk Scotland
    Sexual Orientation: straight
    Looking for: little/middle/pet
    Relationship preference (Polyamory , Monogamous , or other): poly triad
    Number of partners I have: 1 which is my little
    Me and my little kitty are looking for a sister that wants to join our little family.
    We are located in Uk Scotland

    We’re looking for someone that’s honest, loyal & caring.
    We don’t mind LDR at all but our intentions are to have that special person live with us in the future and be part of our family.
    A person that’s willing to be 100% dedicated & serious about it as we would love a LTR with our future partner.
    Every little is different & unique in their own ways if you’re Clingy/bratty/submissive ect its all okay i heavily encourage you to be yourself freely even when it comes to using your paci/onesie/stuffies ect.
    when it comes to weight you can be skinny/slim/chubby doesn’t matter to us as long as you’re healthy.
    We are looking for someone that’s bisexual or pan-sexual and for age wise someone between 19/28, and we would like to create a bond before it goes to the next step as we want to have a connection with the person first but when the times comes we do want someone that can be sexual with her partners.
    And If you’re non-sexual in little space that’s perfectly fine.
    I do ask for you to be 420 friendly or open minded about it as i use it for personal medical reasons, i can explain but that’s only if you ask cuz its a long story.

    What i can tell you about me is that i'm 23 going to be 24 this October, i'm 5,9ft and married to a amazing adorable little.
    I’m not the talking type but i can talk if its a familiar subject or a fun interesting one.
    I love all animals i only wish i could own a zoo lol but i have a ball python and a corn snake myself ones Lucifer and the other one’s mushu i do plan to get more reptiles in the future of course.
    I’m always happy to learn and educate myself on things that are new and interesting to me.
    I love conspiracy theories, history & learning new cultures.
    I enjoy gaming a lot i can get a bit competitive but its all fun at the end of the day.
    I’m originally from an island called Aruba which most people don’t know exists but its alright lol.
    I definitely cannot live without my music its what de stresses me most easily, my favourite colours are grey & sky blue/teal, i also have a snake eyes tongue piercing.
    my hobbies are long-boarding/skating/bmx/bowling and a lot more outdoors/indoor sports, i also enjoy sketching/drawing/watching anime’s, gaming (xbox one), candy’s & cereal are my breakfast lunch dinner Its not healthy i know but it taste sooo good!!
    I only use cannabis so 0% tobacco for me & i'm not a drinker but i do drink only on special occasions such as Birthdays/Christmas/new years ect.

    As a daddy i'm very loving, caring & understanding but can be strict and firm if you misbehave or break your rules.
    I heavily encourage you to be yourself and to never be afraid to use your paci/onesie/sippy cup ect.
    I enjoy making my little happy seeing those smiles are always worth it to me.
    I'm looking for a little to love, spoil & cherish forever, i am aware that the title daddy/caregiver is earned as it should be so i'm not gonna go around saying i'm your daddy/caregiver without earning it first.
    I like clingy i don't even mind the hundreds of msg i might get it's cute & adorable to me.
    I love cuddling, colouring, watching movies/shows/cartoons & cooking with my little.
    It's important to me that i take my time to hear my little talk about her day or anything that she has to tell me.
    Always making sure my little knows she’s loved and that she’s perfect the way she is.
    I don't mind baby talk its cute & adorable to me.
    Personally i don't care for rules but i don’t mind giving my little rules if it helps with structure and such but if you prefer no rules all i ask for is that you wont be a naughty little for me.
    I’m always be there for my little regardless if i might be mad/upset/busy she always comes first no matter what i’m doing or how im feeling.
    My little should never be afraid to talk to me about anything that might be bothering her even if its something small i’m always there to help.

    About my little
    She’s 22 5.4ft she enjoys making people happy.
    Her little age is 4-8 but can change a lot depending on her surrounding or her mood.
    when she's a little she's clingy, cuddly, enjoys her snacks while colouring or watching a movie/show & loves being told she's a good kitty as she’s into pet play.
    What she's looking for is a sister that she can love, play and share her lifestyle and daddy with.
    She enjoys being a kitten but has a tendency to bite when trying to get your attention and she also owns a cat named Nova who is a trouble maker.
    She likes paci/onesie/stuffies which she plans on getting more.
    she's the talkative one, she loves going on adventures, she’s originally from Miami but lives with me in Scotland right now.
    her hobbies are playing xbox, board games, collecting stuffies, singing but she's shy to sing around others, swimming, colouring/sketching, taking pictures, reading books when bored & learning more about astrology.
    She does tend to cares for others more then herself which leaves her hurt & heart broken most of the time but she doesn't let that stop her from wanting to help others.
    She’s not a fan of sports but does like swimming & a few other ones.
    Her favourite colour is purple.
    she enjoys cooking & eating but hates doing dishes.
    She does smoke cannabis but only around me tho.
    She’s a big fan of small naps & loves to cuddle with her stuffies, She loves the water & taking baths.
    She likes watching disney, horror movies, loves watching x-files, forensic files and more murder/horror movies.

    This is all i can think of right now srry if i missed anything, If there’s any questions ask ahead

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