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INTRO: A new Daddy, new to lifestyle.


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Hi everyone! From what I've seen on the chat, you're an incredibly welcoming bunch of people. I'm already excited to get started. 


I'm new to the lifestyle, and the forum. I stumbled across it on Tumblr. I've always been looking for something like this, but never knew it existed. I'm very happy to find it after all this time...


I don't know why this interests me so much, I just like it. Isn't that why we do anything? 


As I'm new to all of this, I need to learn and educate myself on the lifestyle. I'm sure it'll be a few years until I'm even close to being a well experienced Daddy.


A bit about me... I've recently moved to London, I'm 19, and I've just got a job at a very reputable establishment. I have a sizeable room in a houseshare in London, I'm enjoying having my own quiet space!


Like I said, I'm new to the community, I think the best would be to get talking to all of you. 


I'm looking for somebody to show me the ropes, I'm looking to learn how to be a good daddy.


I'm also looking for a LG/Kitten to spoil, treat, and care for. Online or in person. I realise this may take time.


-Daddy G.


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