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*glitter* Hey! I am Sadie, I am not new here, but I decided to come back after a few months or so..  *glitter* 
I am hoping to find my amazing friends again, and some. 
^_^  here is a quick list about me, to make things short and simple!  ^_^ 

I am about to turn 19 in July. 
I am from Boston, Massachusetts. 
I am a LITTLE 
I am studying Criminal Justice 
I am actually quit Friendly 
I am looking for some friends in the community! I don't care if we will just be online friends, friends are friends, and friends are dope! 

you can message me whenever you want! 
  yes, you can ask me for my skype, kik, and whatsapp. 

I am both (N)SFW. but tend to like to keep things SFW, especially on here! 
:heart: I hope to see yous soon!!  :heart: 

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Hello! Welcome to the forum! My name is Stella and Im one of the staff members. If you ever need us, you can find a list of us here.
If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask! The resource section was the place I first went to when I first joined and it helped me greatly, Ill attach the link for you here!
I hope you enjoy the forum ^.^ you can usually catch me in the chatroom should you need me!


Don't forget to read our rules ^.^

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