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Evening everyone


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Evening everyone!


My name is Kei and i am a UK based little, im 22 years old but my little age is around 9 to 12 years old!

My favourite things are video games, watching mythological/fantasy-based TV shows, my stuffie's (which i have a LOT of!), colouring, going to the arcade and spending time with people i care about  :D


I have a daddy who im in a LDR with but i love him very much and am simply here to learn from other little's and caregivers/daddies/mommies .ect as well as share information where i can :heart: i love to meet new people and chat about nearly anything and everything! So feel free to say hi in the comments/get chatting with me ^_^


Hugs and Cuddly kitties!

See ya around everyone ;)

Kei  :p 

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Hi, Kei! I'm new too, but welcome to the site! Do you have a certain type of mythology/fantasy that you prefer over others, or are you pretty open to it all? Since you said you're from the UK, the Arthurian legends immediately came to mind, but there's so much good mythology and fantasy related shows and stories to choose from!

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Hello! Welcome to the forum! My name is Stella and Im one of the staff members. If you ever need us, you can find a list of us here.
If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask! The resource section was the place I first went to when I first joined and it helped me greatly, Ill attach the link for you here!
I hope you enjoy the forum ^.^ you can usually catch me in the chatroom should you need me!


Don't forget to read our rules ^.^

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