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Michael from Stonington, CT--new


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Hey, I just discovered this wonderful community.

I was on SA and one girl mentioned it, so I checked it out and joined.

I'd love to hear from you.

I couldn't upload a recent photo because my photo files are too big.  But I'm very handsome, have a gray/dark beard, blue eyes, sharp face.  I'm happy to send photos.  Or if someone can tell me how to compress a photo, maybe that might help.

The photo I posted is from an anti-Vietnam War demonstration in 1970.  We shut down the university.

Here is me with a photo:




or log onto Seeking Arrangement and see my photos there at "Yale1451" in Stonington, Connecticut.




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Welcome to the community! <3


By SA I'm assuming you're referring to SeekingArrangement, the "Sugar Daddy" dating site? I think you should know that we use the word "Daddy" on here to refer to a Daddy Dom, and not a Sugar Daddy. Maybe you should read more about the DD/lg dynamic and what it involves, because it's very different from what would be expected of you as a Sugar Daddy.


Also you might want to edit your post to remove some sensitive personal information you shared.

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