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    Game of Thrones


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    Posted 19 May 2019 - 02:44 PM


    Who is your favourite character(s) in the show? Why?

    Who is your least favourite character(s) in the show? Why?

    My favourite character is Arya Stark and Tyrion Lannister.

    Arya because she's such an adventurous little bad ass with her Needle and I enjoy growing with her character.

    Tyrion because he's funny and unpredictable with the stuff that comes out of his mouth and his relationship with Shae is so sweet... (I'm almost to Season 4 so I really hope that nothing happens to them!)

    My least favourite is Geoffery because honestly he has a face that you just want to punch, he's such an annoying little wuss and will act all hard until he actually gets confronted lol. The way he treats the women aswell... I know they are more objectified in that show but sheesh... his 'sadism' if you could call it goes way too far.

    Little Finger also seems really shad. Something about him I find very snakey but I can't quite put my finger on it. 

    What about you?

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    Posted 19 May 2019 - 03:35 PM

    most favorite characters? well there are a few

    Ser bronn of the blackwater, just a morally neutral badass after my own heart

    Jaime Lannister probably one of the best examples of character growth i have ever seen aside from walter white in breaking bad

    Tormund Giantsbane badass like bronn but funny as hell

    Ramsy Snow probabaly one of the better villains in the show for the amount of damage he does to some people

    Brynden Rivers The bloodraven, you dont know him by his name in the show afaik but what he does in the north and the backstory of his character (beyond the show) is pretty cool



    least favorite

    Rob Stark he is just a boring good boy, not very interesting in the show

    Jaqen h'gar a cool character when you meet him but things get pretty rough later on

    Tywin Lannister, well i mean all of his kids are lying to him in some form or another so easy to see why

    Gendry his story and his character can be summed up as such "i'm a what now?"


    tonight is the last episode of a show that has been a favorite on tv for nearly 10 years, its going to be cathartic to see the ending of a epic tale and sad because a good show is ending tonight.

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    Posted 26 June 2019 - 12:47 PM

    Dany is my favorite character though more so in the books as I feel the show didn't entirely do her justice...I'm also curious how the ending of the books will be vs. The show because I didnt care for the show's ending.

    What I like about Dany is that shes inspiring. I like how she's brave and constantly proves people wrong. She believes in her vision despite all odds and she did have a goid heart. Didn't care for her character during those last seasons of the show, however. Just makes me sad.

    I also like Sam (he has a good heart), Arya -- tough as nails and never gives up. Tyrion is everyone's fave because he's witty, intelligent and funny. Also has a good heart. Just another inspirational character.

    My least favorite character is Ramsey Bolton in both the books and the show. Even just reading the things he does in the book was enough to make me feel nauseated. Most sadistic and disgusting character, in my opinion. Even worse than Joffrey. Ugh. The things he did to Theon make me sick. Just watching someone be stripped of all their dignity like that...
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    Posted 28 June 2019 - 07:54 PM

    Cersei for the show, Sandor for the books. 


    Dany is a ruthless tyrant who uses unnecessary brutality to rule by fear. She claims she "breaks the wheel" and then crucifies 172 noblemen while her dragons fly around the countryside burning children into charcoal, devouring livestock and just generally being a sword in the side to the common people. Her decent into madness can be traced back to the Khal Drogo days, where she watches her brother's head be melted by a boiling pot of gold and just sits there smiling as his screams fill the tent. 


    Cersei is a chaotic good, and if you look at it from a commoner's standpoint a lawful evil. Blowing up the sept cleared the faith militant's grip on king's landing and therefore freed the people from a ruthless group of fanatics. Plus when you look at her back story it truly is one tragic event after another. Married to a whore monger, 3 children all dying within 8 years of each other (BUT, if you read the books you know Mycerlla has yet to die.) dad is a manipulative psychopath who trades her to this lord and that lord for the sake of the "family". ((Real easy to call the shots for the family when you're at the head of it.))


    Sandor too shares Cersei's unfortunate backstory. I don't think there's a singular time we see him laugh or smile in the show or book. Just a miserable guy who as he puts it, "Acts how the world treats me." But he does have some morals, he protected Sansa from Joffery, and later Arya as they trotted around the north in their incomplete-able journey to find someone trustworthy to take her in, even knowing no monetary gain would come from keeping her safe since all of her close family was dead (A coat of gold, or a coat of red. A lion still has clawsss)

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