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Hello Community!

Sir Fix-a-lot

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I'm new here, and to the lifestyle in general (~3yrs), so I hope you will be gentle with me.


I've learned so much in that time, but realize I still have lots to learn.  I'm here generally to make friends, gain guidance and perspective, and generally soak up what I can from fellow DD's, as well as understand other aspects from the littles here in the hopes that I can further strengthen my own long distance DDlg relationship.


Thank you for having me! 

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Hello! Welcome to the forum! My name is Stella and Im one of the staff members. If you ever need us, you can find a list of us here.
If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask! The resource section was the place I first went to when I first joined and it helped me greatly, Ill attach the link for you here!
I hope you enjoy the forum ^.^ you can usually catch me in the chatroom should you need me!


Don't forget to read our rules ^.^

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