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Aloha and howdy,

I am not new perse, but i'm back after a few months of disappearing. Things got busy and complicated. Cant say they are any less busy or less complicated, but I can say I miss having friends who understand me. So I'm back looking to make friends with whom I can talk and grow. 


My Daddy is talk shy and generally moody so chances are you wont see him round. That does not mean he is out of the loop. *whispers* He knows all the things. All of them. 


So I'm Faith, I'm a Mittle. I like music, coloring, TV, movies, singing, graphic design, and making people smile. 

I have horrific taste in music, or so I've been told. If you click on a music link I post... you forfeit the right to complain. 


I really enjoy graphic design and i like to help people, so any middle or littles out there who would like me to make them a self care poster or checklist or anything else the like, please feel free to message me with a theme and we can talk about things you'd like included on it <3 


Anyway... I'm allowed little/middle friends, but Daddy would not take kindly to other Daddy friends. Sorry. Rules are rules. 

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Oh! Thank you jellybean! **blushes** yeah strange PMs will do that LOL! 


Thank you Dolly, nice to meet you. 

Thank you Photog, you were the first to say "hi" to me back in January too. <3 Thank you. 


How are you, jellybean? How is life? 

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