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Hii!! (^▽^)


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Hello!! I’m Roselle and I am 18. I am both a little and a pet. My little age is usually around 3-10 (could be older/younger.... I’m still discovering!).

My boyfriend is my current Daddy and I love him lots!! I also love stuffies, coloring, animals, cartoons, and anime!

I tend to be shy at first but I would love to make some friends. I hope we can get to know each other! (⁀ᗢ⁀)

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Guest QueenJellybean

welcome to the foruml! we're happy you decided to join our community!

i'm one of your friendly neighborhood mods, jellybean!

if you ever need any help, or have any questions/concerns, feel free to message myself or any other administrative staff.


we hope you find what you're looking for here!

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