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Hello ^_^


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So, I figured the best place to start would be here. You can call me Chia (yes like a Chia pet!). I'm a little who would really just kinda like anyone to talk to and just kinda see where it ends up. 


Animals are one of my favorite things (I want a puppy so badly) and I have a really pretty cat. I also really like to draw and color while listening to music or watching one of my favorite tv shows. I like playing video games and I would definitely say that I'm a big Pokemon fan. 


I will admit I have a bad habit of getting sidetracked really easily and forgetting what I say so I'm sorry if I repeat myself. 


But yeah! It's nice to be introduced to the community and I hope things go well.  ^_^  :heart:  *glitter*

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Hi and nice to meet you. A little insecure but don't mind talking. I was in a toxic relationship where my little was crushed. I realized I needed out. Anyway I'm hear to talk to and hope you enjoy the safety here that many stress.
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