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Guest Áine

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Guest Áine

Hello, everyone!


My name is Áine and I'm a 25 year old little based in Ireland. 


I began age regressing about five years ago - mostly as a way to cope with stress. Over the years I started to enjoy being a little, though it's something I tend to keep to myself. However I am really looking forward to connecting with others in the community here. 


I'm just out of college; currently on the search for a job. In my spare time, I love being outdoors, whether that's going for a walk by myself or just being silly with friends. I also like to read comics and manga, occasionally be a gamer, go to the movies, or spend the night watching tv. Star Wars is my favorite movies series - I could easily watch every Star Wars movie (including the Prequels!) again and again. 


I'm really happy to have joined this forum and I hope I become an active poster here. I'm always happy to chat too. 



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Guest Áine

hello Áine, welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll make friends here!

and I know how to pronounce your name!!


Looby  :)


Thank you! 


Irish spellings of names can be hard to pronounce at times, but I don't think my name is too bad! 

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Guest Looby-Lou

I think Irish names are fascinating. They sound lovely :)


My sister's girlfriend is called Áine and our young nephew couldn't pronounce it. He calls her "Auntie Onion"  :lol:  :p  :D

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