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Hewo me is new to dis so yeah


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୨୧゜・。♡。・゜୨୧゜・。♡。・゜୨୧ ୨୧゜・。♡。・゜୨୧゜・。♡。・゜୨୧ ୨୧゜・。♡。・゜୨୧゜・。♡。・゜୨୧ 

  name: Daisy or Liam

  age: 17

  gender: queer

  sexuality: pan-sexual

  about you: me wike food

  relationship status?: single

  location: Canada

  cg/l roles: lil baby
 extra: to get to my heart is to get me food and to cuddle me to death

] ❀・・・・・・❀・・・・・・❀・・・❀・・・❀❀・・・・・・❀・・・・・・❀・・・❀❀・・・・・・❀・・・・・・❀・・・❀

if chu would wike to be wittle fwends pwease comment below






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