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    Florida baby needs her sunshine 。^‿^。

    CG USA florida CGL bisexual

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    #1 littlekyoko



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    Posted 16 June 2019 - 03:50 PM

    Age (Required): 20
    Little Age: I don't age regress specifically, it's more just a general mind space!!
    Name: talia 
    Role: little/sub
    Location: Florida
    Sexual Orientation: Bi
    Looking for: Daddy or mommy
    Relationship preference (Polyamory , Monogamous , or other): Monogamous
    Number of partners I have: 0


    oh boy i don't even know where to start this. i've been staring for a long time without typing !!! 

    well hi, my name is talia! i'm a full time student and part time worker who's looking for people to talk to and see where things go!


    i hate these because i feel like i have to sell myself (▽д▽)so in protest, i'm gonna balance all the good things with the bad cause who doesn't love a good pro and con list



    - i'm really supportive and caring and empathetic. once i know you, i can usually see you on a deeper level than just what you say.

    - i'm suuuuuuuper understanding. i can be clingy and needy but i also respect if you need space and will always listen to your qualms!

    - i'm pretty cute not even gonna pretend i'm not

    - i love the ddlg lifestyle so you don't have to worry bout me bein a fake or just experimenting 

    - i'm pretty smart! i can hold conversations and talk about pretty much anything!

    - as a little, i give my all to my dom and believe communication/trust is key!



    - i'm a lil busy sometimes so unless we're talking seriously then I can take a bit to reply if i'm in the middle of something

    - i have bipolar disorder so mood swings sorry 

    - my range of reference is varied sometimes. i don't listen to a lot of popular music and i don't always get references. apparently i haven't seen a lot of good movies, etc. but hey, more to show me maybe??

    - i have anxiety so i can overthink a lot but i always mean well

    - my sleep schedule is wonky and all over the place ;-;


    ok now that that's over, i'll just say a few hobbies and maybe what i'm looking for and then get outta your hair!!!


    i love singing, writing, musical theater, snacking, anime, kpop, superhero stuff, modeling, learning new things, and sometimes i paint too! i think i'm a pretty bubbly and energetic person and i'm always down for spontaneous adventures too! i'm looking for someone who shares my interests and respects me. i prefer the lifestyle as more than an "in the bedroom" sort of thing. i also look for people to have a connection with outside of the lifestyle. someone to be a best friend with and to share everything with!! i like affection and being spoiled and i would prefer something local but i also don't mind seeing where we go if it's long distance. 


    ok i'm gonna stop rambling now (-。-;


    have an awesome day and don't feel hesitant to reach out!! i'm always looking for friendssssss <3 

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    #2 Starman



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    Posted 16 June 2019 - 05:05 PM

    Hey Talia. I'm Gabriel and I'm from California.

    Reading all this, I think you're quite interesting and would love to get to know you more.We seem to share a few common interests, but more importantly, common values I think. i strongly believe in communication in any relationship, and a ddlg relationship needs lots of communication to build a strong sense of trust. Understanding also plays into building trust, as both the dom and the little are people with needs, especially emotional needs. And from understanding comes care and empathy, the backbone of love in any relationship. All of this bundled together also makes a strong friendship, which I believe any romantic relationship should have. Who else should you put so much love and trust in than your best friend, right?


    At the very least, I'd be thrilled to get to know you more. Interests, values, dreams, all that good stuff that makes you feel like you. Hope we can talk soon!

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    Posted 16 June 2019 - 05:52 PM

    Hey Talia,

    Your so brave for writing a personal of yourself and you are in no way selling yourself short. 

    I love that you are super clingy as I am as well. I love to give out as much attention as possible and would like the same from you if possible. I like to text/talk often and do everything that we possible can together.

    I think I a pretty good daddy as I am very loving, caring, understanding, supportive, attentive, but stern when necessary. I also agree with you that communication is key. That is why I have my phone on my 24/7 and try to reply when asap. I understand it can get busy at time for both parties. I want to help you be the best little that you can possible be.

    We can talk more on here if you like or can use kik or a different messaging app.

    I really love forward to hearing back from you.

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