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DDlg Forum & Community Spring is Here !

Well hello (o・・o)/


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So hello everyone c: I have absolutely no idea of how to present myself °v° but I recently joined this forum and thought it'd be time to try


I'm from France and here I don't know anyone who's into ddlg lifestyle, or even know that it's a thing :/ so I was happy to find this forum ^^


I think you could call me mostly a movie geek, cinema is my life. I spend most of my time watching movies series and cartoons ^^ So if you look for me I'm either in front of my computer or looking for cuddles (second biggest interest in my life...)

I'm into universes like Batman, Dreamworks (a little who's not into Disney btw -n-) anime, or the pop culture in general, and enjoy...enjoying any kind of art that enable to express oneself ^^


And yeah other than telling you my main interests, i don't know what to say about me, so if you wanna know more just come and chat with me, i'm always happy to meet new people ( /°w°)

Bye bye you all seem very sweet ^^ hope to make friends here ^^

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Aaah thankie thank you you all for the welcome  ^^


Harry Potter is so cool :o I'm from the Hufflepuff house ;)  myself I really love trilogies like The Lord of the Rings, Mad Max or the Ghostbusters ^^ and of course the Batman trilogy ^^ (i'm really into action and fantasy movies ^^') It's hard to pick only three °n°


I'm very happy to meet you all :D

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