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New to this forum but I've been a DD before I knew what a DD was!


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Lemme start by saying I am NOT normal; normal is not something I strive to be! I like to be weird! I like to speak my mind even if I know it might offend someone. Of course not with that as my purpose but with the purpose of having a purpose and standing for what I believe in! You may be asking yourself; "So what does that mean for someone who might decide to be your little?" It means if I believe in you and your loyalty I will stand up with you,and for you if I have to, NO MATTER WHAT! However; on the gentler side of things, since I'm so goofy and young at heart I will not only encourage your little side I will often times fully immerse myself in little space activities not just watch you play! With that I will end on a boring note... I'm 27 from USA,Ohio but as long as you're in the USA location doesn't really matter.
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