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Hello dd/lg community lifestyle people


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I am James, from AZ now in India. I was working at a medical store company but since they broke promises I left the job. I somewhat love Asian countries because of some spiritual sources. I am into d/lg community lifestyle for three years now, but everyday I find it new. I thus always study and learn. Yes, I want to be honored by a little calling me as her daddy and I respect each and every little I meet. It's a title only a little can give and I have to earn. I am clingy at times but its because care and love whoever is with me. So please do not judge me wrong. I have a tumblr and kik to talk and know me better. I will love to talk to Littles who are searching for a honest, faithful, loving, caring CG/Daddy. More of me to speak of but let's meet and talk here or at kik.
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