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    Tiger cub (little girl), lookin for friendos >w<

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    Posted 01 July 2019 - 03:51 AM

    Age (Required): 20
    Little Age: 5-7
    Name: Lilly
    Role: Little tiger (technically a switch, but I prefer being little uwu) 
    Location: Washington state, USA
    Looking for: Other artsy friends, littles or caregivers who wanna chat and have drawing sessions together :3 alternatively, someone who can teach me more about Wicca or witchcraft/spiritual things, and astrology owo Or maybe someone who'll learn with me x3 I'm super fascinated but I have no idea where to begin uwu and having a friendo who knows more than me would be super fun.  

    *Insert self description here. What are your interests? What are your hobbies? etc.*
    I'm an artist with a love for reading uwu Am a Sagittarius, who loves spending my time babbling to others and drawing, reading,watching anime, listening to music, and gaming uwu My favorite game ever is Pokemon, and I'm super hyped for sword and shield :3 Having a buddy who's getting shield would be fun too, cuz I'm getting sword uwu~ then we can trade version exclusives :33 anyway, my rising sign is a Libra, an my moon sign is a Taurus uwu~ also also, I love My Little Pony, Little Witch Academia, Steins;Gate, RWBY, and Steven Universe!~ >w< I hope to make lotsa nice friends :3 

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