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Hello (:

Princess Ahri

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Hello :3


My name is Emma and I am into pet play, specifically foxplay. I recently discovered this lifestyle about a month ago, thinking it was only ddlg, but I honestly knew something wasn't right because personally, I don't like calling someone daddy or having that type of relationship, I'm more into the BDSM Master/Pet type of thing. Also, calling them Master or Sir. ^^ But, I found myself here and everybody here seems lovely. 


So, a little about me. I'm 18 years old at the moment and I love to play video games. Walking/running and eating healthy are musts for me. I like to live inside my head basically, and I act more like my pet side than my human side. I currently ordered some fox gear to get started such as some ears, green contact lenses, and my own collar, however I'm not collared by anyone and am a stray currently. Super new to the concept. Wish to also purchase fangs and a tail in the future. (:


Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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