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I'm very new to ddlg and I kinda just signed up on a whim after lurking around for a while.

Some basic things about me: I'm a Canadian uni student (female) studying the sciences, I love video games (3ds and pokemon mainly ^^'), drawing, cats, and sleeping with tons of comforters. 


I'm mainly interested in the lifestyle but very hesitant to commit before knowing more about it (and also since I am a bit of a keener and am in a serious relationship with the library). I mainly was hoping that I could find somebody to RP a ddlg scenario with, as imo that would let me learn more about what it's supposed to be like without it necessarily having to get really personal and also be lower commitment (and also because I am very very bad at communicating and also extremely shy so when I actually talk with people irl or online the conversation ends up.... not being a conversation....... so maybe I thought it would be better to try things out with a loose fictional-character representation and let the third-person-POV do the talking for me ^^') 

And so, er, sounds like babbling now, I'm sorry since this is supposed to be an introduction thread but somehow it is sounding somewhat like a personal ^^' I didn't really want to post there since I figured that what I was looking for wasn't actually that... personal .___. 

Anyway, thank you for reading (or not) through that, and I look forward to learning more about your lifestyles :)

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