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I am a 20f who's recently "discovered" DD/lg (I knew it was a thing, but never really took the initiative to look into it).  I've been doing a lot of research lately, reading other little's blogs, lurking in r/BDSM and r/littlespace, to try and figure out where I "fit"... which is how I stumbled into this.  Reading just hasn't been doing it for me though, since I guess you could say I don't fit the mold of the "average" little (yes, every relationship is different, but there are commonalities).


I've always been a natural sub with my partners and wanted a D/s relationship with them, but I've never found the dynamic between a Master and their sub to be particularly appealling... seems cold and distant to me, and I crave for constant affection from my partner and a lot of aftercare.


One day when I had a few spare hours to kill I got pretty deep into reddit and came across r/littlespace and started getting this weird feeling.  Not exactly a craving to start dressing up in cute clothes and use a pacifier, because ageplay just doesn't seem to be my thing, but I identified strongly with the way the littles viewed their partners and the way they felt about their "Daddies."


I'd feel odd calling my boyfriend "Daddy" or asking him to take that role, but when I look objectively at the way we behave with each other (and to be honest, the way I behave when I don't have adult responsibilities and no one's watching), I identify with this much more than any other kink of mine that we've explored.  He's very open-minded and willing to try anything for me, and he's been so reassuring about all of my insecurities and encouraging me to explore... so I guess I'm a little scared but here to try and learn.




So hello all, apologies for the wall of text.


My name is LittleGirlLost


I am a lion cub to my teddy bear

I love to draw, play videogames, shop, and cuddle

my fandoms include Batman, MLP, Avengers, Disney

I listen to many different genres of rock

math geek meets fashionista


<3 feel free to ask me anything else below, maybe we can be friends <3

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WELCOME! You seem to be extremely willing to learn and our community welcomes you with open arms. I hope our forum provides valuable information and acquaintances (and friendships) for you!

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