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Hello everyone I hope someone here can help me


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Hi I have been a daddy for about three years now my little turned me on to this whole community pun intended lol. I was hoping to get passed something and I feel like the community as a whole could help me out with the life style aspect of ddlg I lately have almost felt ashamed that I like this stuff and my little has been pushing me really hard to implement rewards and punishments which kinda make me uncomfortable I love my baby girl very dearly and I want to make everything work and right for both her and myself I was wondering what you guys though on the matter thank you very much in advanced
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So I am brand new to this community but I know that every single person here will back me on this. If it makes you too uncomfortable DO NOT do it! It doesn't matter if you are mostly dom and she is sub. Dom's needs and comforts matter as much as sub's do! If you feel that what she is asking to do makes you uncomfortable, tell her! When you are not in the bedroom or with her, think about what boundaries you want to have. What activities or acts are you ok with? Which are a hard "no"? Which are a maybe if you are in a comfortable headspace? Boundaries boundaries boundaries and talking with your partner! Kink, let alone sex doesn't work without them <3

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