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Hi!! I'm Itty and I have been a part of the bdsm/ddlg community for about 6 or 7 years now. I am 20 years old now and have come pretty damn far in figuring myself out! I'm bisexual and single, and ddlg isn't my only hobby. I mermaid during my free time and tend to a small garden along with playing with my two kitties!!


I am very spiritual and pagan, but I won't talk details about it unless asked. And yes, I practice divination and give out tarot readings. I am also a huge fan and student of the occult and am a sponge of knowledge!! I love learning new things and listening to people's philosophies and ideas.


I also am a horror fanatic. I adore the genre, my favorite being psychological. Someone tell me good horror books and movies and shows to watch!! I need more! Especially books!! I'm a huge book nerd!


I also do lots of makeup and sfx (special effects makeup) on the side and I'm hoping to get a degree in it sometime in the future!! I'm also a spoonie, but I try not to dwell on it and push past my health problems.


This is all written from my phone so apologies if there are really bad typing misshaps. I'm sure I'll find more to say but for now I'm sleepy and want to meet everyone!


Thanks for reading!! ♡

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Welcome!! Omggg you are a mermaid!?!?! I'm so fan girlinggggggg. I an so curious and would love to talk more?!?!

I am!!! I have a tail too!!! Once I figure how to dm I'll see if I can send a picture or video!!

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Greetings and welcome Itty! My name is Jacob! I too am new here but I must say I am quite impressed with the community thus far!


You seem to be quite a person! Not only do you speak and type well, but you also seem to be extremely interesting (I followed your Personal here). I hope you find what you seek and I hope we can be friends!


Again, welcome!

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