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    Question about dreams!

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    Poll: Girls having sex dreams about other girls? (4 member(s) have cast votes)

    As a heterosexual female have you had naughty dreams about other girls?

    1. Yes (2 votes [50.00%] - View)

      Percentage of vote: 50.00%

    2. No (2 votes [50.00%] - View)

      Percentage of vote: 50.00%

    If yes, were you made uncomfortable by the dream?

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    2. No (4 votes [100.00%] - View)

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    #1 Squiggy



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    Posted 02 August 2019 - 10:26 AM

    HI! Squiggy here! I have a question for the girls! Sorry guys nothing against you personally XD


    So my friend sent me a text today and said that she found out heterosexual females don't have sex dreams about other females. And when they do they're very unsettled by these dreams. 


    I'm bisexual so I've had sex dreams about other females forever. But I was curious how accurate a conclusion this was so I thought I would bring it to the forums and see how many heterosexual females have had dreams about other females and if they do were they unsettled by it. 


    Any feedback is appreciated feedback!

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    #2 BabyBoop



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    Posted 02 August 2019 - 10:31 AM


    As a pansexual female I won’t be able to vote because I have always fancied girls and self identifying females (and non binary for that matter... I just like you all haha) ... however I don’t doubt that there are heterosexual females who have had sexual dreams about the same sex. I think the mind is capable of dreaming of anything BUT then again, I wouldn’t know personally because I’ve never been straight.

    I hope some lovely hetero self identifying ladies could shed some light for you!

    Good luck in your quest xxx

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    #3 Wise man

    Wise man


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    Posted 02 August 2019 - 10:35 AM

    I believe it is only natural for a straight female to be uncomfortable at having a naughty dream with someone of the same sex. I’m sure it makes them question their sexuality. Which also can be an uncomfortable thing to do. It’s also a surprise at the same time too. To only dream of men and have another woman appear. Definitely could be very unsettling. I don’t see anything wrong with these dreams. I think it just something you are subconsciously curious about it and the only place that it will happen is a dream.
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    #4 littlemissjane



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    Posted 02 August 2019 - 03:06 PM

    Sometimes sexual dreams about men will leave me unsettled too. Our subconscious minds can be a little crazy and catch us off guard

    #5 LittleTeacup


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    Posted 02 August 2019 - 07:29 PM

    Where did your friend find that "fact"? :lol: I've read the opposite, it's very common for people to have sex dreams featuring people of a different sex than they're normally attracted to, and the reason is because dreams are not literal desires. Having sex with someone in a dream doesn't mean you secretly want to have sex with them in real life! Symbols in dreams are very individual and vary by culture, but generally dream sex just means you want to be closer to that person. Or it could mean something else, but only you can decide that.


    I have sexual dreams very rarely, and I've never actually had sex in a dream. When it happens, there's generally a "fading to black" moment when the dream turns to something else, but I knew me and the other person were going to have sex before that. And the only people who've featured in such dreams have been my friends, both male and female. Needless to say, I don't have any desire to do anything sexual with any of them. :lol: When it happens, I'm usually like "oh, one of them again? Ok whatever."


    There was one case of a dream where a guy I liked showed up and put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me backwards. In my dream mind, I knew something was going to happen, and my heart rate sped up in response, which unfortunately but unsurprisingly woke me up. :p How does anyone even sleep through sex dreams with someone they like???


    I can't answer the poll though because I'm not heterosexual. :rolleyes:

    Big age: 28

    Little age: 5-7


    Children don't worry what they look like to others. They are 100% themselves. When we get older, we learn to fit in society by submerging those parts of ourselves that our culture looks down on. We don't want to be rejected by our parents. We don't want to be rejected by our peers. Growing up may include re-embracing ourselves even if we must stand alone.


    Thank you for being here as I re-embrace the Self I'm meant to be.


    (Note: I'm not looking for a caregiver right now. Please don't ask.)

    #6 Little kaiya

    Little kaiya

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    Posted 02 August 2019 - 08:06 PM

    I think your friend's "fact" is far less a fact and more an opinion. I'm not going to say one example is conclusive but I asked my wife, who is a heterosexual sexual female, and she has certainly had sexual dreams about other women. What does it mean? Not a whole lot to be honest, it's a dream.

    Little kaiya
    Little kaiya 💖🦊💖

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