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mid/big brat ;)


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hiii! i go by victora. i'm 23, married (semi-open), and pretty new to the scene!! 


most of my time outside of work is spent online, whether that's on xbox, reading, watching youtube, or just general internet browsing ! right now i'm playing no man's sky, but my forever loves are fallout and mass effect haha. i'm planning on trying overwatch soon eeeee (also i swear a lot??? some ppl get really surprised by that sooo)


as a big/adult i'm interested in cars, vanilla body mods, feminism, mental health, and lots more!

i'm still exploring what i like as a middle, though i imagine a lot of it will have to do with me being able to let down walls and expectations, rather than specific activities. i'm up for trying everything at least once, with very few exceptions !!

anyway that's enough lmao


i look forward to meeting you,

vic <3

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