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Cara Innes

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Uhmmm, Hi! *fidgets and hugs her security book* :blush:
My name is Cara.   ^_^  I'm 43, an SSBBW, and I regress to 13 or slightly less when I'm in Middle Space. 
I'm cishet and I use she/her pronouns. I'm also neurodivergent, so I can be a little weird or hyper or slow sometimes, or miss social cues. I don't mean to. 
I was able to attend a Little's group regularly for about a year a few years back, and found it a delightful lot of fun to relax around other Littles and Middles. We had discussions and seasonal events and a couple of outings. I never did find a Papa, but I learned a lot and quite enjoyed it!
A few of my favorite things:
~ Hugs
~ Storytime ( which is sometimes also cuddletime  :lol:  )
~ Bubbles!  :wub:
~ Libraries  :heart:
~ The Seaside
~ Cloudwatching/Stargazing
~ Sheep plushies
~ Writing, Sketching
~ Steven Universe
~ Tea
~ Chocolate
~ Cats

This place seems a lot gentler and less bigoted than other DDlg or erotica places I've seen online -- so I hope to stay a while and visit regularly, and learn some more; even if my current life makes it hard to find the time and brain-space sometimes.

Thanks!  :blush:  *glitter*
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