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Hello c:


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Hiya!! :heart:

The name is Cas, my pronouns are she/her/they/them. I am new to the forum and the lifestyle.  I am terrible at writing intros so if want to know something read my about me or message me. I am looking forward to meeting some new and like minded people c: 



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*high fives* heck yeah best name ever!  i do have an extra s, but people leave it out constantly for some reason??


I LOVE PERIDOT!! and am also pretty fond of the new charmed and witchy things. i wasn't expecting to love the new charmed as much as i did? tho some of it was far too scary for my little self, but wow i love those sisters so much! it was well worth letting myself get a little jumpy and absolutely not watching after dark. witchy shows really are the best.  


i totally feel you on the just reading fanfic now thing. every now and then i'll stick my toe out, cuz there have been some really wonderful queer books lately.  my main fandom has so much quality fic tho! and even some pretty good cgl fic! so like... why move away from that comfort zone, yeah?


nice to meet you!


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