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    ABDL, CGLRE, AP & DDLG: Explained

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    Adult Babies & ABDL


    When talking about the differences between littles, age regressors, and such, I can’t help but mention adult babies. I feel it helps to understand what an adult baby is so you can identify the differences yourself. 


    • Diaper Fetish

    A simple diaper fetish is categorised as an erotic attraction to an article of clothing. People who have this interest are more drawn to wearing diapers, rather than seeing themselves as babies. They tend to wear diapers on a day to day basis as a comfort, or they wear them now and again as a treat to themselves to relax. Some urinate/defecate in them, while others do not. 


    • Cross-dressing/sissies

    Adult babies, usually male, may also engage in cross-dressing and wear clothes stereotypically associated with young girls such as frilly pink dresses, tights, other cute dresses, bows and wigs. This is different to an adult baby as it involves being a different gender to what you identify as.


    • BDSM & Sexual fetish

    The sexual side of Adult Babies can involve role-playing an infant-like state. Behaviours may include drinking from a bottle or wearing diapers. This can require a more gentle and nurturing experience, or a masochistic, punishing, degrading or humiliating experience. Forced infantilism is a popular way to inflict humiliation to individuals with a diaper fetish. 


    • Types of Adult Babies

    The infantilist community is usually described as made up of two main types. Adult babies (adults who role play infants) and sissy babies (who tend to wear typically feminine clothing, and use female pronouns). Some individuals wear diapers but do not act as infants, either diaper lovers who eroticise diaper wearing, or sadomasochists who use diapers as a way of enforcing dominance and submission.

    Adult babies role-playing as a baby may involve the use of adult-sized diapers, baby clothes or toys and furniture such as a crib. If a partner is willing, they can take on a caregiver role and provide baths, changing diapers or being put to bed (or crib) with a bottle and some couples may also role-play lactation.

    There are non-sexual babies and sexual babies; some may be turned on by being scolded, spanked or chastised for having wet or dirtied their diapers, which is masochism. Others may desire something more gentle, and involve masturbation, while others are entirely non-sexual and use it as a stress relief. 



    In one study of ABDL website participates, 93% were male. 

    58% of the men and 34% of the women were heterosexual. 

    Males tended to develop an interest in diapers earlier than females.

    87% of the men and 91% of the women reported that their ABDL had not caused any significant problems or distress. 

    Masochism appears more important to female Adult Babies than males.

    The first public event for adult babies was “Baby Week” in the early 1990s.

    In 2008, the Diaper Pail Friends organisation had expanded to a national organisation and claimed a membership of 15,000

    There is a retail store in Mount Prospect, Illinois that is dedicated to Adult Babies. Tykables opened in 2016. 



    Age Regressors & CGLRE


    Age regression is a coping mechanism for things like PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Reverting to this child-like state of mind can allow the individual to let go of responsibilities and take a break from the stress of being an adult.


    • Caregivers

    Some age regressors refer to themselves as littles and call their partner “Daddy”, “Mommy”, or just as their “Caregiver”, which is why the CGLRE (Caregiver/little regression) community is confused with the DDlg community.


    • Sexual side

    The most significant difference between DDlg and CGLRE is in the bedroom. Age regression is not a kink or even remotely sexual. It is very uncommon for age regressors to take the place in their head that feels safe and pure into their sex life, and could even potentially be damaging to them. The rare few regressors that do the kink side are also involved in the DDlg, ABDL or Ageplay community. Age regression, by definition, is purely non-sexual.


    • Mental Health & Therapy

    Hypnotic age regression is a hypnosis technique to help patients remember feelings caused by past events that affect their present illness. The hypnotic age regression occurs when a person is hypnotised and is instructed to recall a past event or regress to an earlier age. The patient may then proceed to remember or relive events in their life.

    Age regression may occur in personality disorders when people come face to face with distressing memories or triggers; in this case, the age regression may be spontaneous. The majority of age regressors can’t help when their regression hits, which can cause anxiety when trying to do day to day things.



    Some people with dementia may begin to revert to a younger age.

    Age regression may be a sign of a more significant mental health issue such as schizophrenia, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Regression isn’t always voluntary.

    It started as a form of therapy and has branched out into a community.


    Ageplay Kink


    Ageplay is a form of role-play in which an individual acts or treats another as if they were a different age. Ageplay is usually strictly sexually but can be non-sexual. Depending on what the participants feel comfortable with. It can portray any age, from babies to the elderly. 


    • Ageplay in General BDSM

    Ageplay can technically cover a wide variety of role-play scenarios, such as the older Professor and the younger student, the older librarian, the inexperienced pizza delivery/handyman, the older housewife and so much more. Ageplay is extremely common in BDSM type role-plays as it enhances the dominant/submissive experience; usually, it involves punishing someone with spanking.


    • Non-Sexual Ageplay

    This is where the individuals pretend to be younger/older to start their fantasy. Acting it out is a fun thing to do before getting down and dirty. However, since ageplay is role-play, non-sexual ageplay isn’t common without a goal of sex in mind, but it can be used to ease yourselves into role-play if you are new to it. 


    Ageplay is NOT regression and different to being a little. It is acting out a fantasy and mainly a bedroom kink. 


    Littles & DDlg


    A typical sexual little is a mix of an ageplayer and regressor. They can get into a little space mindset, or at least feel younger, but also enjoy the kink side, unlike age regressors. 


    • Little Interests

    All littles are different, and they can be any gender, soft, docile, bratty, obedient, independent, dominant, submissive, acting the age of how they feel. A little is typically out of diapers to 12, while middles are 12/13 – 18. There are Princesses, Princes, pets, and everything in between. Typically, littles like colouring, bubbles, hair styling, baking, crayons, stuffies, sippies, crafts, dancing, cuddling, pacifiers, bath time, stories and much more. Usually, they function better with rules/rewards/punishments and journals, but each little is different, and some don’t have rules. 


    • Caregivers

    While similar to the CGLRE caregivers, there’s a distinct difference. DDlg caregivers are usually more dominant and enjoy the sexual side, and some are even sadistic. There are as many different caregivers as there are littles. CGLRE may feel more inclined to call their caregivers daddy/mommy from a nurturing aspect, while littles are more likely to call their caregiver daddy/mommy from a respectful point, a daddy is a title just the same Sir, or Master, but can feel more warm and soft. 


    • Sexual 

    Littles take part in the ageplay side of things, usually in their little space mindset (which can be defined as AP, but ageplayers don’t have a LS unless they’re also a little, strict APers only pretend). This can strengthen the bond and trust between the CG and little. It can either be sensual or rough, depending on the couple. 


    • Non-sexual

    Littles can also be non-sexual, which means they don’t take their LS side into the bedroom and don’t ageplay. They usually identify more with CGLRE but have a general interest in BDSM, which suits being a DDlg little more. 


    • Personality Trait

    Some individuals have retained their child-like interests and never grown out of certain things, such as pacifiers, sleeping with a stuffie, watching cartoons and general child-like things. Maybe they needed braces for a few years for sucking a pacifier for 20 years straight, or because they sucked their thumb, or they couldn’t sleep without that special stuffie so avoided sleepovers, or panicked when they couldn’t find their pacifier, had tantrums and cried over the littlest things, feeling miserable for missing an episode of their favourite cartoon.

    This little has it built into them; they didn’t get into the lifestyle because it appealed to them, they got into the lifestyle because it is them, and after feeling alone, miserable and ashamed all their life for liking the things they needed, they finally found a community that accepted them. The majority of them are 24/7 littles and tend to have a “big person face” to put on rather than have a little space to get into.



    Benjamin Franklin was quite popular with French women, and it was Madame Brillion who would write him passionate letters addressed to her “Cher Papa,” which translates to “Dear Daddy.” Madame Brillion was calling Benjamin Franklin, “Daddy.”

    Daddy is a respectful honorific that can mean someone is the boss, in charge, a protector, or doing a good job.

    It was popular for housewives in the early to mid-1900s to refer to their husband as daddy.

    Some celebrities have been known to show little tendencies, such as reality star Lala Kent who has a baby bottle before bed.




    You may notice that a lot of these overlap. You can identify with a couple of them or even all of them. Me for example, I have triggers that make me involuntary regress (age regression), I have the little personality trait (never grew out of certain things and can get into the little space mindset), and I enjoy the ageplay side of things. There is no right way to do things, as long as you understand yourself, that’s what matters. 


    Same goes for types of littles. I’m a Sweetheart, Babygirl, Submissive Little with masochistic tendencies that age regresses, enjoys little space and ageplay. It’s a clusterfuck of things, but I hope this helps somebody.


    Please remember that whether you are DDlg, CGLRE, ABDL or AP, the DDlgForum welcomes everyone. We’re all similar in one way or another.




    List of handy acronyms

    AP = Ageplay

    BDSM = Bondage&Discipline Domination&Submission Sadism&Masochism

    CGL = Caregiver Little

    CGLRE = Caregiver Little Regressor

    D/s = Dominant and submissive

    DDlb = Daddy Dom little boy

    DDlg = Daddy Dom little girl

    LS = Little Space

    M/s = Master and slave

    MDlb = Mommy Dom little boy

    MDlg = Mommy Dom little girl

    S/m = Sadist and masochist

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