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My boyfriend is excited to try a Ddlg relationship. Now what?


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I've met a wonderful man in the vanilla world, and have had an amazing few months together. I could see from the beginning that he had the makings of a Daddy.


I finally got the nerve to send him an e-mail including some kinky things I am interested in. It was difficult to type "be my Daddy". I felt very vulnerable. I was pleasantly surprised when he said he is all in.


Knowing that this man that I'm falling in love with wants to be my Daddy... Is the best feeling I've ever had. I feel like I'm high on a drug, and we haven't even started.


I want Daddy NOW. I've never had a RL Daddy, just online exploration. Daddy knows this, and I think we are both a little shy. I need him so badly.


So now what? How do I guide him to be my Daddy? He is ready, and wants to learn. Once I direct him, I know he will research and be dedicated to taking the lead. He is just discovering it, and there are so many bad representations out there. How do I begin to show him what I need


Are there any lists out there for Daddy? Maybe we could go through them and mark what excites us? Daddies and littles.... Please help!!!!


So so so happy there is a forum dedicated to this. I love reading the posts on here. I feel like I'm home.

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Guest LittleAnna

well you can tell him about this communitiy cuz i agree i also feel home here!

and there are many threads he can read and learn from!

And also he can talk to daddys here :)


welcome to the communinty :D

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Guest Daddy's☆treasure
Welcome to the community and congrats! =D i agree with LittleAnna you should introduce him to this forum so he can utilise the many helpful forum topics and talk to other Daddies. That would be a great start! <3
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