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hii everyone :)

Guest little_wolf1

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Guest little_wolf1

Hii I'm a little, kinda new here I guess and I'd love to make new friends!! I've known that I am a little for a while but haven't looked into it much until recently. I believe my little age is around 3 to 7 maybe, still not quite sure.
Welll... Im 20 years old, from England, Im sure like others I don't like giving out my real name so you all can call me Isabelle. Im studying at uni and once lock down is over I can finally start my new job :):heart: 
I love to bake yummy stuff and sometimes cook, reading and watching films/tv also I like anything to do with art and music  ^_^  oh and I love animals (I have 2 cats and a dog) and also stuffies of different animals too
Anyways, I hope you are all good and are staying safe at this time!

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