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Hello fellow Daddys and LGs!


My nick is MrMojo, live in Holland and I'm new in this world. I have some experience as a BDSM master but because of my submissive back then I came into contact with the DDLG world. She was very close with me and I have experience with being a supporting figure because of this. This sparked my fascination and is the reason why I'm now interested in exploring this DDLG world. Being there for her gave me more satisfaction then I every experienced before. The feeling of being so close to someone opened my eyes.


I came across this forum and hope I can learn more about being a supporting daddy and maybe find someone to share this with. I'm very new to this and have a lot to learn so be kind :)

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Hello! I have a dear friend in Holland and hear it's a lovely place.


There's a lot of good folks on here and the CG group has many resources and people to pick their brains. Enjoy your time here and don't get discouraged. Hope to see you around some time ☺️

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