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im new here! im lola, 18 y/o. ive been an age regressor for a long time but now that im an adult i would like to try ddlg for real.


i have my inhibitions because i dated a guy that was a good bit older than me and he was into ddlg. he used the name of daddy to sexually abuse me for over a year. i got out of that relationship nearly 2 years ago and i am so excited to move on


ive found it hard to regress since then, but ive been in a completely healthy, non abusive and happy relationship for the past 11 months. being with my bf and being totally comfortable has made me be able to regress again and not be scared


im 18, from usa, im nb but i use she/they pronouns.


i love music, art, cats and snacks!

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Welcome. Remember the term daddy isn’t about sex or control it’s about compassion and guidance. Yes there’s other aspects too but that it it’s core foundation. I hope you find our community a place to grow comfortably
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