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Guest XoX_SweetPea_XoX

Hello, I'm SweetPea


I recently learn the term DDLG when someone called me and daddy it. I still don't know if we fit but I have been on here for a few days looking around trying to figure it out, and see if this is a safe place for me to belong, and maybe make friends that understand me, and chat about little things, cause I only have daddy and my sister to talk to. It has taken a few days for me to write this, as I am shy, and reserved but working on stepping out of my comfort zones, and talking more.


I am one of a kind, Doctor give up trying to label me, and help, every few years a new one comes along who thinks they can fix me. The only way to best describe me is Sheldon from BBT, if instead of being encouraged, and nurtured lived the worst nightmares that life could offer x100 for 15 years (you formative years). The only way to cope would be for your brain to shut off. I know what I am, and it's like watching myself as a movie, that I can't pause, or do anything to snap out of, just locked in for the ride (doctors way of saying it). I am 24/7 dependent little, but with that said, as much as I love Stitch, craft time, and dinos, and could talk all day about them, and all the things that would be defined as little, I also love researching random things, do papers no one will ever read, and arguing (my favorite that daddy argues with me a few times a year is 'What Is Just' presented by Socrates in Plato's The Republic). That is little to me because when I was a real child I could talk your ear off about quantum theory, or recite Shakespeare by heart, so that makes them little for me. 


I am very shy, and will reply to things, but will never be brave enough to send a F/R to anyone, from fear of rejection, one of my big fears because I never feel I belong anywhere. I have a really good daddy who I am his world, and have been for 21 years. I have been little for 21 years, since he rescued me and my brain decided I was safe. Neither of us expected my brain would permanently regress, and we would be living a life of DDLG, and finding out there are others after 21 years has left a sigh of relief. Although very shy, I am very open when asked questions, and a great way to get me talking if wanting to be my friend is to ask question about my interests. I've never had friends so might not know how to act sometimes. Sorry if I offend or say something wrong. Daddy says sometimes I miss speak or over share because I don't know how to interact with others. 

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