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Guest spoilednerdette


My name is Isabella, but most people call me Bella.
Middle • Little • Brat.
My real age is 27 • Middle age 12-14 • Little age 2-4
I’m short, brown ash blonde hair with bleached tips, very light skin with hints of redness all over (especially when I blush),with hazel green eyes, and my body build is chubby and cute.


DDLG – Where do I fit in this? Well recently while talking to my friend that is a Middle/Little herself I discovered I too was a Middle/Little. I age regress to Middle most commonly. Although when I’m upset or sad, I will age regress to Little. I can be a Brat in both Middle and Little. Since I am fairly new to this, I’ve never had a Daddy Dom. Although I’ve been in a Dom/Sub relationship before.

Non DDLG – I’m a nerdette and gamer. I love all things tech and video games related. I also love movies and anime. Some of my favorite series are Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Underworld. Some of my favorite video games are Star Ocean series, Stardew Valley, The Sims 4, Animal Crossing series (mostly Animal Crossing New Horizons), Call of Duty Series, and World of Warcraft. When I’m not playing video games I’m sleeping, crafting, reading, watching Netflix or YouTube.

I’m fairly new to all of this, but I would love to learn. I’m always curious.
I’m mostly interested in exploring for now however if I happen to find a Daddy Dom then that would be awesome.  

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