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hello! •giggle•

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Guest wet4Daddy

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Gosh, I am so nervous to write about myself.. Ok..


hello friends, I am w4D. I am 29 and I am a girl.

I am a university student and a major dork.

I have been reading this site and some others recently in order to get more knowledge about other peoples take on the dynamic (I have been told before that Daddy and I are very intense, because we are 24/7 pretty much, I find it hard to imagine being any other way..). I figured I should probably just join as you do not seem so scary after all ^_~


I have an amazing Daddy who I LOVE more than anything ever. I am sorry in advance, I *do* talk about him a LOT! (Please tell me if it is annoying for you and I will try to shut up) Daddy is so amazing to me, he spoils me so much and I am eternally grateful that he chose me. <3


I feel a bit like I am not sure what to write here, so I will stop. If you would like to know more then I am so happy to talk to people, failing that, I expect you will all be sick of me posting pretty soon ^_~



3 random things:

I love kitties, unicorns & foxes! ^_^

My favourite mlp is Rarity.

I love love love cute socks!

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