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I'm Janae, and clearly new here OoO. Please feel free to call me by my name or my screen name Feisty. I am good with either. I'm chronologically 39. I live in the lovely Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex of Texas. 


A tad bit about me. I've been in the LS for a little over a year. I am active in the local kink community. I go to events, and am part of a group that does demos and educational classes at various dungeons. I know many do not care for labels but for assisting with knowing where I fall in the BDSM world, I am a brat sub/masochist/rope bunny and so on. I am single/poly/bi-sexual. 


I recently found my little headspace about 6ish weeks ago. I tend to be more middle than little but I have a bit of a sliding scale. I'm into tutus, coloring and listening to music. I love my stuffies and crave lots of color in my life. I also adore snuggles and naps. I'm still learning about this part of me. 


I'm looking forward to venturing through the forums and learning from you all here. 


If you'd like to know anything else please let me know!



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Guest QueenJellybean

welcome to the forum! we're happy you decided to join our community!

i'm one of your friendly neighborhood administrators, jellybean!

if you ever need any help, or have any questions/concerns, feel free to message myself or any other administrative staff.


we hope you find what you're looking for here!        :heart:

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