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Guest Thunder Sprite

Hi everyone!


I'm a very shy pan-romantic demisexual t-girl belatedly exploring this aspect of herself. I'm not sure of many details at this point (certainly nothing so specific as a "little age"), only a handful of things and a general sense that this may be right. I've always been submissive in intimate relationships, gravitating toward nurturing and pseudo-parental partners. I have a somewhat embarrassing collection of cartoons that I enjoy when in the right mood. :blush:  And riding swings has consistently ranked among my favorite activities since about the age of four… among other things…


I suppose I'm just trying to figure myself out.


When not triggered into feeling submissive / little, I'm a generally very independent sort of person, and tend toward an analytical mindset. I think somewhere deep in the core of my being I'm enthralled and fascinated by the simple fact that reality is happening, and it has never stopped seeming mysterious and magical to me. And this has lead to a profound interest in the sciences and in metaphysics and closely related topics. I also love nature, hiking, and of course thunderstorms. ^.^


TL;DR In a nutshell, I'm a little bit like Shy Violet from the original Rainbow Brite series… shy, sweet, and possibly too geeky for her own good. ^.^; Except I would totally have a crush on Stormy… :wub:


I look forward to making new friends here, if gradually as I work through social anxiety issues. ^^;



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