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Hi, I'm New Here - I'm also Honey <3


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I've just discovered this site, and I am pretty darn excited about it!

I guess I will share a bit about myself, here goes..

I'm 30F

I am fairly new to BDSM, having been dabbling my toes for about a year now with my Daddy.  I didn't now that this kind of life and acceptance existed.


I have a step daughter 50/50.  I have like... never been able to just let go and be child like or feel that wonder of being little. I can't even remember what that felt like when I was an actual child.  When I'm with my step daughter it's even more noticeable to me. I get pushed into the older more responsible adult me.

I had been having a hard time trying to get into Little Space... liiike I never actually got there at all. I didn't understand that ddlg wasn't just for daddies and littles - I felt that I must have been doing it wrong.  Maybe I just didn't get it or it really isn't for me.


What I have recently learned and resonated so hard with, is that - I AM DEFINITELY A MIDDLE! (hurray hurray). And I feel super liberated to express that. To understand that I am not "doing it wrong". I have found my space of comfort and I am able to accept this young, ever-present state of myself...because she's super rad.  I don't have to "just grow up" and leave her behind..... 'cause I don't wanna! :)



I'm looking forward to learning some stuff and meeting some neat internet peeps 

Happy to answer any questions if anyone has any.


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