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Hi, My name is Andy and I’m a 37 yo Male.


I chose my username because I thought it sounded cool and went with the theme of being a “dominant daddy” I’m actually pretty liberal/progressive open minded and sex positive.


I’m brand new to all of this and am just testing the waters. I’m 6’2” and 190 lbs, in decent shape so I guess the roll of a dominant male has always just been sort of expected by most of the Women I’ve been with. I’ve been in a few relationships where I got to take on some of the really minor rolls of caregiver and always felt a real sense of warmth and joy from it.


The extreme age regression I find a little strange (imagining doing it, no judgement for what you like to do). I did once go home with a woman who acted a little girlish and was showing me how she could hula hoop and was drinking juice from a box and slurping when it got to the bottom, it was pretty endearing really. I also thought that getting into my middle age years might make me a good candidate to play the roll of a DD.

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