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 Hello! I am Zi, I'm 21 & I've been in a relationship with my current Daddy for nearly 3 years!! I've known of CGL/DDlg since I was a teenager, but I've been actively living my lifestyle since around 18. I use He/Him pronouns & do not like to be called pet names from strangers/people I don't know very well. 


I like lots of things but right now I really love love love squishmallows! They're so soft and cuddly and I love having them. I don't have many because scalpers keep buying them & reselling before I even know they've been restocked, but it's still very exciting to find one. I also like Bananya, Molang, & Puffin Rock! I also like Octonauts & pretty much anything cute!! 


Nice to meet yall and I hope to make lots of friiieennnddsss :wub:  :wub:  :heart:  :heart: 

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