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mh... hi?

so, I'm new here and sorry I'm not really good to speak but... I'm here? ehe

How to start... I'm just aged 18, I think I turn around 3years, love hug, paci and sweet things like candy or teddy bear. In the beginning I look verry shy but when I'm at ease I'm verry enjoyed, always make jokes, sceam, laugh, run and smile.

It was a friend who advised me make ddlg because I sleep with paci, teddy, and my childish bavior.


Unlike other baby I like dark things but also pastel blue, wear lot of black clothes and big shoes,my favourite movie is corps brides and my favourite caracter is scraps, I have blonde and below purple hair

 I don't know what else, so enjoyed to talk with you byebye!

OH! call me what you want :heart:*glitter*^_^

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Guest Jlboyington
Hi Bunny. I am new here also. I’m a 47 year old daddy. Would love to chat. We have a lot of things in common. Feel free to dm me if you would like!
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