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Guest Lilyflowwer

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Guest Lilyflowwer

Hi my name is Lily and I'm 18


I'm new to the DDLG community but want to learn more.


I don't know a lot about DDLG.


I recently discovered this community by some books a read and looked it up and found it interesting


and now here I am  :unsure:


A few things about me is that I'm a very VERY shy person but once I get to know people I'm very outing (At least that's what my best friend said), I like yo cook. bake. and i like singing but nit IN front of person (Sometimes I'll forget I'm on FT with my best friend and start sing and I get embarrassed. 


I think I would just like to have some people just teach me about DDLG or help me understand about DDLG it  better, so I can see if it's actually for me 


If you have any tips and/or advice to help me with learning more that would be wonderful.  :D

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Hello Lilyflowwer and Welcome to the Forum!!!


My name is Pigtail and I am one of the moderators here.


This is a wonderful place and I hope you find what you are looking for from personals to special advice.


I would suggest reading our rules as well and if you have any questions ask one of us staff members.


Welcome again and thanks for joining the Forum

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