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Hello, i just wanted to formally introduce myself since ive been hanging out, figured id do this :).

I got into bdsm and subsequently dd/lg when i was younger, never really had that type of relationship however, more just like a kinky interest. I want to learn about dd/lg as much as I can to have a solid understanding before I end up just nose diving into a relationship.

I am moving in like the next 2 months, so once that happens, I will probably put up a personal ad and be actively looking for a relationship.

I'm your typical 19 year old male from the states, but idk i think some of my interests like the movies i like say, and some interests are femine / child like but thats just my gneral personality outside of dd/lg.

I am teaching myself programming for a living.

My interests are:
Gaming, Cannabis, Programming, Cruising, Travel, Cats (I literally got 4 of these demon fur ball things ‍♂), Fitness, Hppie Stuff, Rastafari (which means i got them natty dread locks, well at least theyre half way they to be formed!)

Music I like:
Grateful Dead, Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Beatles, Glass Animals, Alboroise,

Rap i like (mostly either very hard or vibey and Psychedelic)

The Underachievers (these are my favorite best rappers im the game), Wiz Khalifa, Flatbush Zombies, Maxo Kream

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Finally introducing yourself XD, WELCOME to da club homie


Thank you, thank you!

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