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Hi everyone, my name is Kelly. I actually joined the forum about 10 days ago but I wasn't ready to introduce myself straight away I wanted to find my feet a little.


I've had a good nosey around and talked with some lovely people in the chatroom and it's all been very positive so far. I'm new to DD/lg and still figuring out where I fit into the dynamic of it. It amazes me and its great to see how many people that are quite young on here and I'm only just coming to know about this lifestyle.


I don't think the term little suits me really, middle might be more appropriate all I know is that I want to at some point have a Daddy who looks after me, encourages me, supports my emotional well being and accepts my sensitive nature and I will completely adore him and do what I can to make him happy. Until then I'm very happy to talk to people here and learn more about DD/lg and all the different types of dynamics involved.


Thanks for reading, I hope to speak with many of you.

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