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Welcome to me! xD New 2 ddlg.

Caring King

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Hello everyone of the ddlg community! I'm Kyle, a very new person to ddlg. My dear friend and soon to be gf (l.s.s.- she's gonna make it offical our next date, and I'm not supposed to know that xD) is very into being a little and it made me curious. While obviously having a lot to learn, I do want to try the position of being a "daddy" (yeah, that name alone is going to take getting used to) because from my current understanding, it shares features of dom/sub, yet in a manner of intense caring and understanding. She is well rooted in the lg personality and as I learn more and more about her, I feel as though I can offer the role she requires... even if it takes a few stumbles and a lot of work.


I've taken a decent look at some of the guidelines and tip lists that experianced ddlg members have compiled for new dd's, and see that knowledge and care is mandatory in these forms of relationships. I may not fit into the role perfectly, or may even decide it isn't a fitting position for me, but I'll try my hardest to understand and decide what is right for me as I become more experianced. I want to care for her in the way she desires. I know this might sound like I'm trying to conform to this community and dive in headfirst- but I assure you that's not the case. As I've said, I may decide this isn't for me, and I can accept that. I am very intrigued for my own intrests as well, and if all goes well, I may discover a new side of me.


Sorry for the rant, but this is the easiest way for me to explain everything; I'm not someone who branches out into foriegn areas, and I'm a bit afraid that I'll make a mistake in my introduction alone that raises flags in the experianced members here.


And we're starting our relationship without anything entirely intimate (as far as I'm aware), which should help me to understand and slowly work into the ddlg relationship with her. No way I'm being thrown into a bed and be as confused and inexperianced as a highschool dropout attempting surgery!


Anyways, thank you for reading all this, consider yourselves the second and so on members I've talked to in ddlg. <3


Oh, and I so can't wait to give her my personal favorite stuffy, I know she'll love it!


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