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Hi friends! My name is PK and my Daddy and I run the tumblr blog A Beautiful Submission (herdarkdaddy.tumblr.com). We are both pretty new to D/s in general. He's been something like a session Dom in the past and I've been in the online community for years, but up to this point we've never connected with people who could meet us in that part of our lives. We've been together for 9 months and have been discovering D/s and DD/lg for the past 5.


Daddy J and I were in a long distance relationship up until recently when I moved up to be near him. We still live separately, but I get to see him all the time now and that has been WONDERFUL. I'm a pretty shy person IRL, so I don't have any friends that are in the scene other than ones Daddy and I keep in touch with on tumblr. I'm looking very forward to chatting with you all ♡♡♡


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