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hiiii (✧∀✧)/


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hello, my name is bunnie and i’m a little from the states. i’ve known about cg/l for some time and am ready to get back into things and meet more people from this community.


i don’t know my little age and i personally don’t feel the need to put a definite number on it. when i am small i like to watch cartoons like molang or pocoyo. i also like to eat lots of snacks like baby carrots **they have to be the tiny ones, the big ones taste different**, grapes, and gummies. i usually do a lot of baby talk or i’m just completely nonverbal. i am currently the mother of four beautiful children (a.k.a. stuffies) and am looking to add even more to my collection. i have a caregiver at the moment. we engage in a dynamic but aren’t together romantically or sexually.


in day to day life, i enjoy being in nature with a good book in hand. i’m in college studying music in hopes of becoming an opera singer or music teacher. i’m also a proud member of the alphabet mafia (pansexual, polyamorous, and gender fluid) and religiously identify as pagan.


i’m open to meeting all sorts of people, of course, but i am particularly interested in poc, members of the lgbtq+ community, people closer to my age (18-30) and fellow pagans!


i’m so excited to be here. thank you for reading my intro and i hope to speak to you soon! ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ

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