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Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi!!


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Well, I'm cute.

Howdy Be?


I'm new here and slightly experienced in the DDLG & CaregiverCareneeder communities and lifestyles. I can't wait to learn everything I can about how to be the best Caretaker of a beautiful, young Lady/Girl. Ask Me why I capitalize both Caretaker and Caregiver, both Daddy and Little Girl and most other pronouns, etcetera referring to Either and Both parties , if You're 100% open to being accepting and kind in the face of receiving the answer. It's not a teaching that everyone can obtain.


I'm a joy, kind, fun, freeing; enjoying and furthering personal enlightenment through expression of True Love are, in my firm belief, the most important piece of any relationship.


I'm very much not jewish as understood modernly, but I like to be called Mattet'Yahu.



I'm adoring.

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Guest LittleElizabethBun

Well hello and welcome. You sound interesting and fun.

If you want to f/r me I would love to hear why you capitalize both sides of the dynamic?

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