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Hi to Everyone on the DDLG Spectrum!

Guest beemo

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Hi everyone! I'm super new, so let me give this intro thing a shot.

My name is Ava, and there's no real way to shorten that, so we'll stick with Ava.

A 'little' about me (see what I did there?): 

  • As I write this, I'm sitting in a robe with llamas on them
  • I have two favorite hockey teams: Pittsburgh Penguins & Seattle Kraken
  • My favorite football team is the Las Vegas Raiders
  • I play video games, and I've been playing Forza lately
  • I have a dog, and he'd love to meet you- he's *almost* as clingy as me
  • I enjoy Marvel, comic books, and anime

I hope that this will start up some conversations- I'm so excited to talk to you all!

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