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Hello :)

Guest ShyMudPies

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Guest ShyMudPies

Hi Everyone Who Clicked On This,


Thank you for stopping to read a bit about me. To be honest I wasn't sure what to write about so I Googled it- Sorry for Cheating!


My name is C***** J*** G****** but you can call me CJ if you like. I am very new to the DDLG scene and am looking for friends and mentors to help me understand if this is the best fit for me and if I have anything to bring to the community! 


I don't have any other social media accounts and am not very in tune with internet culture. So if I seem overly intense, or oddly quirky, I apologize; but at least you are getting a fairly accurate representation of what I am actually like, Haha.


Before I quit bugging y'all with my ramblings I would just like to say: I am absolutely Horrible at small talk.


If you send me a message saying "Hi, How are you?" I will reply "Fine, Thanks." and that will probably be the end of it. It's nothing personal, I promise, I just suck at generating conversation from nothing.  


 I look forward to getting to know you all!



PS: I know I sound like I am responding to a job interview, and I am so sorry about that! I get a little nervous just blurting things out into the void of the Internet and for some reason that make me write in an overly formal fashion. I Promise I am much more casual in an actual conversation :)

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