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. . .Hai :3


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Hai :3


I'm 30 year old male daddy from Tampere, Finland, although calling myself daddy feels bit weird since I've had so little actual expirience with this thus far but I think it's most applicable.


I love everything cute and girly and pink and am really cuddly and huggy person. Not sure if thats weird for a daddy but but I do like to indulge in sillines and cuteness myself :3 Since 2017 I've been actively writing and reading, pretty much daily, as well as done a year in a writing school, in hopes of becoming an author one day. In general I enjoy what some would probably call serious fiction andor experimental fiction, authors like Joyce, Krasznahorkai, Kawabata and Sebald and such.


I also sometimes play some videogames, mostly crpg's, with Disco Elysium being my recent, and maybe even all time, favourite. I also highly enjoy the Yakuza series.


Whaaat else. When it comes to movies I also enjoy the artsier stuff with Ozu's Late Spring being my favourite movie. I hope that I can someday watch all seven hours of Tarr's Satantango. 


I am interested in tabletop games and tabletop rpgs but I've yet to find people to play with me so that has remained only an interest thus far.


Lifestyle wise I seem to bit out of the norm in that aside from working out and meditating actively I don't smoke, drink or do any sort of drugs recreationally. 


Iiii guess thats all there is about me. Oh, and after getting an Hello Kitty polaroid camera and an actual Nikon FM2 camera from my dad I am slowly getting into photography and and I also really like My Melody and hope that I can get more than the one plushie I have as soon as possible.


Oh, oh, and I forgot to say yesterday that I am really introverted person.



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